Team Datis in championships 2016.

Team Datis, win back their chance for the overall PALM-IRAN paintball series championships 2016. In an unexpected turn of events for those following the PALM series 2016, team Datis, four times Asia champions met Aryman, captained and coached by Reza Badrian, former Datis player, in the semifinals.

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Referees and their assistants are the third team on the field and equal in importance to the two teams. They continually upgrade their skills through vigorous mental and physical training. In addition to enforcing the rules and controlling the game, good referees are masters of psychology who also must utilize common sense.



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Saghi Zafaranieh has been playing paintball passionately in Iran since 2006

a place where playing any seriously sport for young women doesn’t come without its pitfalls and sacrifices .She is charming, outgoing, very sociable and an educated young lady. When it comes to being serious she is as serious and dedicated as anyone you might meet.

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PALM stands for Paintball League Middle East. The palm-tree is the symbol of life, success, joy and harmony to those in the Middle East. This powerful symbol is especially close to the hearts and lives of those living in an around the dry exposed but also life giving desert. The very existence of the palm-tree is the source of the magical and mystifying phrase “Oasis in the desert”.

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